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2024 Summer
Adult Recreation
Men's Slow Pitch (16 years & up)
Tee Ball (TK & Kindergarten)
Coach Pitch (1st & 2nd Grade)
Baseball/Softball Camp (1st grade)
Junior League Softball (2nd-4th Grades)
Senior League Softball (5th-7th Grades)
Little League Baseball (2nd-4th Grades)
Big League Baseball (5th-7th Grades)
Recreation Activities
June3-7: Architecture Detective Camp (3rd-6th grade)
June 10-13: Summer Kickoff Camp (1st-6th grade)
June 17-20: Ultimate Sports Camp (1st-6th grade)
June 24-27: Adventures in Nature (1st-6th grade)
July 1-3: Team Sports Camp (1st-6th grade)
July 8-12: Golf Camp (4th-7th grade)
July 15-18: Outposts (3rd-7th grade)
Drama Show Camp (2nd thru 8th) August 5-9
Special Events
Seasons of a Prairie
Fair Fun Run
Swim Pool Passes
Pool Punch Pass
Season Pool Pass
Swimming Lessons
2024 Parent-Infant/Toddler
2024 Pre-School
2024 Learn to Swim Level 1
2024 Learn to Swim Level 2
2024 Learn to Swim Level 3
2024 Learn to Swim Level 4
2024 Learn to Swim Level 5
2024 Learn to Swim Level 6
2024 Private Lessons
Adaptive Swimming
June 3-6: Tennis (K thru adult)
June 10-13: Tennis (Kindergarten thru 7th)
June 17-20: Tennis (K thru adult)
June 24-27: Tennis (Kindergarten thru 7th)
July 8-11: Tennis (Kindergarten thru adult)
Tots and Pee Wee Kids Camp
Tots Day Camp (Ages 4 & 5)
Pee Wee Kids Camp (Ages 6 & 7)
2024 Spring
Soccer Leagues (3yr - 7th gr)
(3-4 yrs) Pee Wee Coed
(5-6 yrs) Kinder Boys
Kinder Girls- 1st Girls
1st- 2nd Grade Boys
2nd-4th Grade Girls
3rd-4th Boys
5th-7th Grade Coed
Live Healthy Iowa Kids Track Championship